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A1 Wall-chart 22 x31


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FREE DOWNLOAD, Wall-chart Resources for Teachers, School & Parents A story of discovery by experiment and invention of early locomotion this chart shows how the steam engine was invented Puffing Billy and its twin Dilly are the earliest working freight-engines and can be seen in the Science Museum, London and Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh. All early engine designs changed slowly, based on the beam-engine technology of James Watt and early inventors. In order for the Iron-Horse to be built, new inventions were made in laboratories and workshops, and were manufactured by famous engineers: these are listed in chronological order. Elements of Steam Power, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. (No.1 Industrial & Social Events published by mumfordebooks)
Wall-chart No.1.(A1) 22 inches x 31inches) We have alarge stock of Historical Images, click on Requst Button, we will try to supply your requirements . Wallcharts £2.00 each, now while stocks last at this bargain price.

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