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DOWNLOAD – John Bull’s Mother Scotland: Independent or United. (Large PDF full Image Page size 9.5 x 8.3 inches)


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This new political Cartoon Print is based on an American Puck 1890’s Print, entitled: Uncle Sam -Canada-Under One Flag. After studying the cartoons design and meaning. I recognised its potential to tell a political truth was as true today as over a hundred years ago. A good subject for school history teachers to download and discuss with pupils to add their own design changes and send them to mumfordebooks for a small prize.

By re-drawing its design and adding a new title and text I echoed what Mr Bob Dudley chairman of British Petroleum was critical of Alex Salmond’s SNP was going all out for voting for an Independent Scotland.

This is a serious cartoon its message is to tell the public in a visual way why Alex Salmond’s SNP should change their minds and vote for Scotland to stay within Britain, the best of both worlds.

Politically, Economically and Socially for us all together.