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Portfolio of an Original Unique 1904 North Eastern Railway Diagrams of Wagons, Works Department, Date Stamped Drawing Office, Darlington & Gateshead, 208 Scale Drawings 280x440mm.


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This collection must be the best and continuous recorded data of Darlington Historical Wagon records from the 1890’s until 1948 ever assembled together in one portfolio. All wagon diagrams are in excellent condition, some have minor creasing. Further searching at the National Railway Museum may complete the few remaining gaps.
All the drawings are in good condition, some on thin card, thick or thin paper in black and white, some blue prints. Drawing sizes vary up to maximum 160x300mm. Approximately 25% with works office date stamp in blue ink on fronts and back of drawings, some with pencil and ink notes and initials. I will be selling 208 original plan scale drawings, facsimiles and digital CD images of London & North Eastern Railway Wagon Archive from pre 1900-1948.These range from 7 Ton Gunpowder Van 1915-25 to a 70 Ton Bogie Trolley Wagon 1922. Many stamped with the office rubber stamp London & North Eastern Railway Wagon Carriage & Wagon Dept., Drawing Office, Darlington. Please send me an email if interested, we have other interesting Historical Railway items for sale. This is an original Official Darlington Works Copy with 71 pages 39 are double pages 110 in total, containing 208 scale drawings. Ideal for model making railway enthusiasts worldwide.
A full list of Wagon Diagrams with NEW 2007INDEX for the 71 pages, some have double pages and are labelled RH & LH. Some diagram drawings are labelled blue-prints BP.There are many pencil notes of World War 2 production orders starting from 1941-48. These same orders run to well over 100,000 wagons.
Many have the Darlington Office Copy Date Stamp, some on the back, others on the front right-hand corner. Original duplicates of diagram drawings can be purchased.
Based on the 1904 INDEX started at Page 0 LH and Page 0 RH and includes all additional diagrams. Each page is numbered making it easy to find.
NEW 2007 INDEX 18 different Wagon Diagrams Groups, are based on the old index layout, with additions by MRM include, WW2 diagrams and other interesting items will be included.
Each line will list each group 1-18:

Type of Wagon, Class, Load, Number of Wheels, Diagram No., Page.

1 Flat Top, Agriculture, Furniture, Plate and Goods, 10-30-Ton, 4 & 8 Wheel,
A1-A10, A12, A13-WW2, A15, A16, A17, A18, Page 1, 2, 3, 54 & 63.

2 Low-sided, Goods, Billet, Plate, Boiler, Tender. 7-40-Ton, 4 & 6 Wheel, B1-B14, Page 4, 5, 6, 7, 50, 60, 6

3 High-sided, Fish, Goods, Salt, Sleepers 2 & 4 doors, Quintuple, 5-30-Ton 4 & 8 Wheel, C1-C10-WW2, C11, C12, C18, Page 8, 9, 10, 54, 56.

4 Bolsters, Single, Double, Treble, Timber, Plate, 8-70-Ton, 4 & 8 Wheel, D1-D14-WW2, D15, Page 11-14, 49, 50, 65, 68.

5 Open Wagon of specialist design, Bell, Glass, Excrement, Pulley and Plate, 7-20Ton, 4 & 8 Wheel, E1-11, E11-WW2, E14, E16, E17, E18, E21, Page 15 -19, 55, 65, 66, 69.

6 Covered Fruit and Fish, Insulated, Meat, Perishable, Refrigerator, 7-8-Ton, 4 Wheel, F1-F9, F10-WW2, Page 20, 21, 51, 56.

7 Covered Goods, Gunpowder, Road Van, Tranship Van, 8-20-Ton, 4 & 8 Wheel, G1-G10, Page 22, 23, 24, 1.

8 Store Vans, 8-25-Ton, 6 & 8 Wheels, H1-H2, Pages 25, 26, 48, 53, 5

9 Trolley Wagons, 20-70-Ton, 4, 6 & 8 Wheel, J1-19, J20 with 9 *Page 48 LH 70-Ton Bogie Trolley Wagon 1922-J20, with hand sketch in red ink showing 68 Ton load in position with office copy date stamp). J27, J28, Page 29, 48, 53, 57, 61, 63, 65.

10 Cattle Wagons, Vans, 80Ton, 4 Wheel, K1-K4, Page .

11 Tank Wagons, Ammonia, Creosote, Linseed Oil, Paraffin, Gas, 10-Ton, 4 Wheel, L1-L9, Page 31, 32, 3

12 Sundry Wagons, Shunting Truck, Timber Bogie, 7-Ton, 4- Wheel, M1, M2, Page 34 RH & 3.

13 Brake Vans, Goods, Mineral, 7-Ton, 4 & 6 Wheel, V1-V6, Pages 35, 5

14 Coal Wagons, 4-40-Ton, 4 & 8 Wheel, P1- P11WW2, P12WW2, P13- P16, P17WW2, P18, P19, Page 36 LH copy original Rocket, not Henry Ford

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