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Walk in the Vale of Ffestiniog


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'This bridge offers an authentic taste of old Blaenau as the locomotive passes beneath to the station.

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Lucky is the walker who sees these falls in full flood — with creaming foam draping ancient boulders, creating little rainbows if the sun should be shining between the leaves.
Timelessness is here at the bottom of the gorge, a sense of what was, what is, what will be.
Under the charred bodies of invaders, sapling growths of oak, birch, and blackberry are flourishing.
A full circle of ridges and summits displaying a medley of blues, greens, browns; contrasted by mist veiling Eryri’s rugged faces.
The eyes keep returning from distant horizons to this Moelwyn massif, to mighty molars meticulously placed in monumental stone walls.
A strange incongruous sound of a steam locomotive puffing away a little more than a hundred yards somewhere beyond the wall of trees.
One thing about this mountain is its truthfulness. It presents challengers with its true summit, honestly facing them in full frontal candour; not like some moels which proffer false summits while keeping the real one back.
1 Blaenau Ffestiniog 3.2km 2ml
2 Blaenau Ffestiniog 3.9km 2’/2ml
3 Blaenau Ffestiniog 4.5km 2.8ml
4 Blaenau Ffestiniog 6km 33/4ml
5 Blaenau Ffestiniog 6.5km 4.1ml
6 Blaenau — Cwmbowydd 1.4km 0.9ml
7 Blaenau — Manod 2.4km 1 ‘Ami
8 Blaenau — Congl-y-wal — Blaenau 4.9km 3.1ml
9 Blaenau — the Quarries and northward 2.7km 1.7ml
10 Blaenau — Manod-bach Summit 1.9km 1.2ml
11 Manod-bach Summit — Llan Ffestiniog 6.1km 3.8ml
12 Blaenau — Llan Ffestiniog 6.4km 4ml
13 Llan — Blaenau Ffestiniog 7.5km 4.7ml
14 Llan — Rhaeadr Cynfal 1.3km 0.8ml
15 Rhaeadr Cynfal — Tomen-y-mur 4.4km 23/4ml
16 Rhaeadr Cynfal — Ceunant Cynfal — Llan 2.1km 1.3ml
17 Llan — Ceunant Cynfal south and north 3.7km 2.3ml
18 Llan — Dduallt Railway Station 4.7km 3ml
19 Dduallt Station — Plas y Dduallt 0.7km 1/2mi
20 Plas y Dduallt — Dduallt Station 1.6km 1ml
21 Dduallt Station — Blaenau 7.7km 4.8ml
22 Blaenau — Tanygrisiau Railway Station 2.7km 1.7ml
23 Tanygrisiau — Llyn Cwmorthin and westward 1.5km 0.9ml
24 Round Tanygrisiau reservoir 5.3km 3.3ml
25: Tanygrisiau — Llyn Stwlan weir 3km 1.9ml
26: Tanygrisiau — Dduallt 4.4km 2 3/4ml
27: Plas y Dduallt to the valley road 1 km 5/8ml
28: Plas y Dduallt — Tan-y-bwlch 2km 1 1/4ml
29: Plas y Dduallt — Coed-y-bleiddiau 1.6km 1ml
30: Plas y Dduallt — Tan-y-bwlch
Railway Stn 3.2km 2ml
31: Tan-y-bwlch Station — via
Coedydd Maentwrog to east
Penrhyndeudraeth 4.3km 2.7ml
32: Penrhyndeudraeth — Rhyd 3km 1.9ml
33: Rhyd — Llanfrothen –
Penrhyndeudraeth 4.5km 2.9ml
34: Penrhyn Station — Ty-obry —
Bwlch-glas — Penrhyn 6.3km 4ml
35: The estuary 2.2km 1.4ml
36: Minffordd — Portmeirion —
Boston Lodge 3km 1.9ml
37: Boston Lodge — Minffordd 2km 1 %ml
38: Cricieth Castle — Moel Ednyfed 2.2km 1.4ml
39: Cricieth Castle — Graig Ddu —
Black Rock Sands 3km 1.9ml
40: Porthmadog — Tremadog 3km 1.9ml
41: Tremadog — Pen y Mount —
Porthmadog 4.7km 3ml
42: Porthmadog — Moel-y-gest
Summit 7.5km 4.7ml
43: Wern — Moel-y-gest Summit 2km 1 1/4mi
44: Moel-y-gest West Summit — East
Summit 1.2km 3/4ml
45: Moel-y-gest East Summit —
Porthmadog 4km 2’/2ml
46: Porthmadog — Beddgelert 15km 9.4ml

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